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    Trish, SUPERPATH™ Technique Recipient

    I have had two hip replacements, one in 2016 and one in 2019. You would never know it. And I almost forget myself as as I have very small scars, no limp and no pain! My hips feel as good as they did when I was a young 20-something, and I’m now 64 years old.

    I give all the credit to Dr. K. Dean Olsen. He used the SuperPATH method and was trained by its creator, Dr. Jimmy Chow. I was walking in the hospital with a walker the same day as the surgery (both times). I returned home the next day and only needed a cane to get around in the first few weeks (both times). I took no prescription painkillers from the first day I returned home (as I don’t like their side effects) and yet the pain after the operation was quite manageable and less than it was the day prior to surgery (both times)!

    Dr Olsen’s experience is impressive. In addition, he is smart, competent, straightforward and I trust him completely. I don’t want him to ever retire because with my arthritis, I expect I’ll need a knee replacement or two in the future and only want Dr. Olsen to perform the surgery.

    I unconditionally and wholeheartedly recommend him as an exceptional orthopedic surgeon.