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  • Dr. Olsen replaced my left knee on April 7th, 2022. I was back to my job on April 25th. He was phenomenal in every sense of the word. Knowledge, skill, compassion, instilling confidence. Every hospital employee from the check in person to the anesthesiologist assured me (without me me asking) th...

    ~ Dan McRaith ~

  • Trish, SUPERPATH™ Technique Recipient

    I have had two hip replacements, one in 2016 and one in 2019. You would never know it. And I almost forget myself as as I have very small scars, no limp and no pain! My hips feel as good as they did when I was a young 20-something, and I’m ...

    ~ Trish ~

  • Tom R, SUPERPATH™ Technique Recipient

    You could not have scripted a better experience than what I had with my SuperPATH hip replacement done by Dr Dean Olsen. From my initial appointment all the way though the completion of my 6 week follow up, everything was laid out by Doctor Ols...

    ~ TOM R ~

  • Jim, SUPERPATH™ Technique Recipient

    I had been working with the local orthopedic surgeon here in New Ulm, who is an excellent doctor. He told me that my left hip needed to be replaced and that I was looking at a 3 day hospital stay and approximately 6 months of rehab. I heard abo...

    ~ JIM ~

  • Dick, SUPERPATH™ Technique Recipient

    Dick isn’t your average 77 year old. While many people his age may start to slow down, Dick’s recreational calendar is still full, as the Owatonna resident golfs and bowls regularly. A typical weekend may include an outing to the golf cours...

    ~ Dick ~

  • Bev, SUPERPATH™ Technique Recipient

    70 year old Bev of Lakeville, Minn. enjoyed an active lifestyle. Whether it was walking with friends, gardening, or spending time at the lake near her home, Bev could frequently be found outdoors in her free time. However, when she began to exper...

    ~ Bev ~

  • Tom, SUPERPATH™ Technique Recipient

    Tom, a 42-year-old resident of Waseca, MN enjoys an active lifestyle. Between his job as a utility lineman and his love of outdoor activities, Tom was always on the move.

    However, when chronic pain developed in his left hip in 200...

    ~ Tom ~

  • Kay, SUPERPATH™ Technique Recipient

    64 year-old Kay of Rosemount, MN has run a daycare for more than 40 years. Taking long walks and playing with children is part of her everyday routine, but when she began to experience pain in her hips, Kay worried that she would have to make som...

    ~ Kay ~

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