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    Tom R, SUPERPATHâ„¢ Technique Recipient

    You could not have scripted a better experience than what I had with my SuperPATH hip replacement done by Dr Dean Olsen. From my initial appointment all the way though the completion of my 6 week follow up, everything was laid out by Doctor Olsen and his staff. Scheduled appointments, visual aids, and book of instructions before and after surgery were also included. I arrived at the hospital at 9:30 AM and was home eating by 7 PM that night. I was off pain medication in one day and my bandages from my small incisions were removed by his nurse one week later. I started physical therapy, twice a week, and completed that in 3 weeks walking and riding an exercise bike with some exercises to strengthen my muscles. I would describe my procedure as from severe pain and minimum mobility before surgery to almost 100% mobility and very little muscle soreness in a little over a month. The exercise continues daily with pleasure.