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    Jim, SUPERPATHâ„¢ Technique Recipient

    I had been working with the local orthopedic surgeon here in New Ulm, who is an excellent doctor. He told me that my left hip needed to be replaced and that I was looking at a 3 day hospital stay and approximately 6 months of rehab. I heard about the Superpath technique and Dr. Olsen, from a colleague, decided to give Dr. Olsen's office a call. I was set up with an appointment and after he looked at the x-rays, Dr. Olsen confirmed what our local ortho surgeon said. The hip must be replaced. I am an active NCAA Division III athletic director and it was going to be an interruption in my job to get this hip fixed. Dr. Olsen explained the procedure and we got it scheduled. I was told that it would be out-patient surgery and I would be fine in about a week - that's how long it takes the incision to heal - No rehab! I was in surgery at 5:00pm on Thursday, March 4 and by 9:00pm I walked out to my truck and my wife drove home. The next day, I experienced very little pain and was able to walk without help and a limp. I was back at school on Monday and literally was a new man. When I had my follow-up visit in a week, Dr. Olsen gave me the green light, and I began walking(2.5 miles per day) again and being active doing my job. I would recommend this type of hip replacement to anyone and Dr. Olsen does a great job!